IT Infra HCI Private Cloud
Private Cloud
- OKESTRO Private Cloud solution
- Red Hat Openshift (PaaS)
OKESTRO Private Cloud solution
OKESTRO builds a high-quality Private Cloud with technological superiority in the full-stack and product lineup for each tier for SDDC implementation. Also OKESTRO provide technical support for various issues that may arise, such as system connection, system expansion, and migration.
It is a multi-cloud integrated management platform (CMP) that integrates and manages various types of cloud infrastructure SW in a standardized manner and is based on the standard architecture of Korea's e-government cloud platform.
As Korea's best OpenStack-based server virtualization platform, it supports the most optimized design for customer infrastructure operation through OKESTRO's unique virtualization packaging (CONTRA-PAM), which is most optimized for the domestic cloud environment.
It is a K8S-based cloud native operation management solution for cloud native application management.
This is a solution that provides a DevOps environment by automating development and operation using CI/CD pipeline technology.
As an official business partner of OKESTRO, iWORKS is receiving OKESTRO's excellent knowledge and performing technical services and maintenance through cloud experts in each field.

OKESTRO : Connecting people, technology, and the world beyond the cloud.

Red Hat Openshift (PaaS)
Red Hat Openshift is an integrated platform that lets you build, modernize, and distribute applications at scale. A complete service that lets you launch applications on the infrastructure of your choice, helping you work smarter and faster.
Market Presence
It is the product with the largest market share of CONTAINER PLATFORM and is used by more than 50% of Fortune 500 global companies in each field.
Standard technology infrastructure
A product based on standard open source technology, including the global Best container technology (cri-o), industry-leading container management technology (Kubemetes), and ALM tools for development/management.
Infrastructure compatibility
Manage your cloud environment by integrating physical systems, virtualization systems, Private Clouds, and Hybrid Clouds.
Enterprise-level stability and security
High security and stability are guaranteed by applying Red Hat Linux infrastructure technology based on standard container technology and providing professional technical support.
Various services for application utilization
Configure various services using proven Red Hat Middleware, and easily develop open source Applications using open source container images.
Red Hat로고
As an official business partner of Red Hat, iWORKS is receiving Red Hat's excellent knowledge and is already performing Red Hat-based technical services and maintenance to various industries, including financial clients.

Red Hat OpenShift : Industry's best hybrid cloud application platform