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Cloud integrated operations management platform
  • A cloud integrated operation management platform that can monitor and control cloud resources such as servers, storage, networks, and VMs.
  • Flexible interconnection and control of all IT resources is possible even in multi-data center and heterogeneous infrastructure environments.
직관적 실시간 모니터링 물리구성도
개별 자원 관리 기능 이기종 벤더 제품 연동
직관적 실시간 모니터링 물리구성도
개별 자원 관리 기능 이기종 벤더 제품 연동
iCLOUD CENTRAL main function

Real-time monitoring dashboard

Real-time monitoring dashboard

  • Integrated monitoring dashboard
  • connection and information status
  • operation status by resource, resource, usage status
  • virtualization resource status/usage/performance
실시간 모니터링 대시보드

Physics & logic diagram

Automatic creation of physics and logic diagrams

  • Automatic creation of physics diagram
  • natural zoom-in/out
  • automatic reflection when resource information changes
  • diagram for each service
  • provide diagram filter function
  • VM icon customization function
물리&논리 구성도

Individual resource management functions

Provide individual resource management functions

  • Management directly from the diagram
  • VM stop, reset, migration, snapshot
  • monitoring
개별 자원 관리 기능

Check individual resource details

  • Check individual resource details
  • Provide quick access to management page
개별 자원 상세 정보 확인

Resource relationships associated with equipment to be managed

  • Provide monitoring by service
  • Simple registration
  • Immediate monitoring of resources by service
서비스별 모니터링

Rapid failure handling

Alarm management

  • Provision of information on failure and event occurrence
  • Setting and alarming of alarm thresholds for each resource

Search, filtering function

  • Integration of search & filter function
  • Simplification of search for occurring failure
검색, 필터링 기능

User information and management

Authority management and access information

  • User management
  • access information such as connection IP, connection start and end time, etc.
  • authority management function for each user
권한 관리 및 접속 정보

Heterogeneous vendor product connection

Various vendor products connection

  • Various vendor products connection
  • Support for Vmware, Nutanix AHV, BCF Controller
  • Various heterogeneous SDDC vendors products connection
  • Integrated management of multiple versions from various vendors on one web page