IT컨설팅 SI구축 통합유지보수
Solve customer problems based on understanding of each business and provide overall business consulting services from strategy establishment to management system establishment through strategy and process consulting and customized consulting.
ISP (Information Strategy Planning)
Establish a mid- to long-term information strategy plan to derive and implement information promotion plans to create new business value by establishing an IT support strategy to achieve the customer's goals and applying it to work.
IT Diagnosis
Provide IT diagnostic consulting services that diagnose the current state of the IT field and suggest directions for improvement, including performance diagnosis and FP.
BPR (Business Process Reengineering)
Analyze and redesign work processes in a customer-centered, business process-centered, service-centered, and performance-centered manner to improve the achievement of management strategies by increasing enterprise-wide efficiency and effectiveness.
PI (Process Innovation)
By identifying problems in current work and analyzing differences with other companies, identifies opportunities for To-Be improvement and redesigns enterprise-wide work processes.
IT Governance
A service that synthetically provides an IT planning, management, and control system at the enterprise level to efficiently manage the IT resources owned by the client and effectively support the achievement of the client's management goals and creation of business value.
PMO (Project Management Office)
A professional service that comprehensively performs tasks such as planning, management, implementation, and follow-up management of projects for companies or organizations in order to reduce project failure and increase the likelihood of success.