IT컨설팅 SI구축 통합유지보수
Provide maintenance services based on our capabilities across IT services related to IT-related resources ranging from systems, infrastructure, and management tools.
24h x 365d
Systematic IT
Preventive inspection and
Constant monitoring
Securing business continuity
To achieve service continuity and efficiency, which is the purpose of maintenance services, provide thorough business continuity at the optimal cost.
Maintenance service capability
Provide integration and selective maintenance for various IT resources ranging from systems, infrastructure, and management tools.
Maintaining seamless service
Establish a 24h x 365d stable service base by performing systematic maintenance on computational resources (HW, SW) and application systems.
Securing an integrated failure handling system
Establish an integrated failure handling system, including establishing a rapid failure recovery system, establishing a system for quickly identifying clear causes of failure by a group of experts, and establishing a systematic accumulation and utilization system of failure recovery history data. .
Maintaining optimal system condition
Keep the system in an optimized state by performing system performance improvement, regular inspections and special inspections.
iWORKS is a specialized company optimized for information infrastructure with experts in each field and provides the best information infrastructure maintenance services through its extensive performance and experience.