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The core of iWORKS' human resource management philosophy is that the subject of corporate management is people, and the success or failure of a company depends on how people's capabilities are developed and utilized. Accordingly, iWORKS is establishing all systems and policies for human resources management so that members can voluntarily and enthusiastically exercise their abilities to the fullest.
Recruitment procedure
Step 1
Document screening
Step 2
Interview screening
Step 3
Announcement of successful candidates
Step 1

Document screening

  • The 1st document screening is conducted through regular, open recruitment.
  • Focus on reviewing self-development plans for new employees and career descriptions for experienced employees.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned.
Step 2

Interview screening

  • Evaluate basic understanding and knowledge of IT and ITC environments.
  • Evaluate whether the goals and dreams are clear and can be realized together with colleagues.
  • Explain what leadership and home roles the company plays.
Step 3

Announcement of successful candidates

  • The appointment process is conducted through a 3-month probationary period for new employees and 1-month probationary period for experienced employees.
  • Provide mutual evaluation procedures through introductory training and systematic OJT.
  • Afterwards, the department of assignment was confirmed through an interview.
Recruitment announcement

Wait for a colleague with iWORKS.
Recruitment method
Document screening: Resume, self-introduction
Apply freely without restrictions on age, gender, or nationality.
Submit your job application by filling out your personal information, educational background, self-introduction, etc.
Interview screening: Submit at the time of interview after passing the document screening
Graduation certificate from the final school, resident registration card, presentation within 2 pages of A4
New employee
career certificate
Salary system

Annual Salary + Incentives >Highest level in the industry

"Performance-oriented salary system based on capabilities and achievements"